Social media engagement helps build an organic customer base and customer loyalty

Social Media Marketing means have become an essential part of business growth. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube have been the best social media platforms for showcasing your products/services. The organic growth in the initial period is tiresome and you get fewer results but in the longer run, they help grow your business 10x!
Having an established brand identity, amount of followers and likes has always been essential for a brand and its virtual identity. Here are 22 ways to increase your social media growth in 2022!

22 ways to increase social media growth in 2022:

1. Quality content over quantity:
We all hear that content must be uploaded on the social media platforms from time to time, of course, consistency is the key to social media growth but so is uploading engagement-worthy content. So always post quality content and creative designs.
Content must be engagement-worthy and something that a wider audience can relate to.

2. Short Video Content is getting more attention:
The attention span of users is getting shorter day by day. Post content that helps you get attention on social media via Reels, Facebook shorts, etc. Instagram has recently started Reel Ads and monetization of Reels.

3. Upload long videos on YouTube:
Youtube is the best platform to post tutorials, behind the scenes, etc. People use YouTube to spend time and stream various videos.

4. Optimise your headlines for engagement:
Use catchy and bold statements to catch the reader’s attention.

5. Use sound/audio social media strategy: 
Use trending and catchy music for stories and reels. You can check out the trending music by following Digi Daftar’s Instagram page @digidaftar.

6. Hashtag strategy to be service and area of service-oriented:
Hashtags are a must when it comes to reaching out to a wider audience. Use hashtags that are specific to your services or products. Use area/city in your hashtag in order to get more local visitors, this location strategy is the best when it comes to retail stores and location-based service products.

7. Post at the right time:
Whether you are uploading a reel, video, or even a simple post, one must post at the right time in order to reach out to maximum users.

8. Keep an eye out for competitors:
Competitors analysis is a must when it comes to taking over the social media world.

9. Engage with the audience:
Reply to comments and messages received on social media, it helps the user feel interactive and get a sense of community interaction.

10. Upload stories and posts related to your brand and services:

Uploading stories relevant to your brand helps in more user engagement. 

11. Keep up with Buying Trends:

Buying behavior of consumers is rapidly changing and users would now prefer buying directly from the social media platforms rather than going on the website and buying the product.

12. Refer #11: Create an Instagram shop:

The Instagram shop is a powerful tool that makes your product card just like we see in an e-commerce store. This helps your product not only go digital but attract more customers.

13. Create an Instagram Guide:

Keep your Instagram guide updated from time to time in order to share relevant products and services with the users.

14. Marketplace:

Use Facebook Marketplace to talk to customers directly and interact with them. 

15. DO NOT buy followers on Instagram:

Inorganic followers always create a bad reputation. It not only harms your social media ads but also de-ranks your page. Instagram’s new algorithm has already started removing pages with high inorganic followers/bots.
16. Follow organic methods of marketing:

17. Live videos with relevant users:

18. Q&A with users:

19. Use attractive designs to attract users’ attention:

20. Plan games, giveaways and brand engaging activities in order to increase engagement:

21. Optimize your social media bio:


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